How to Build Your Audience

Building an audience is essential for small business success, whether you’re a kitchen table startup or an established company. Here are some fresh approaches to expand your audience:

  1. Start with what you know: Your target audience shares traits with the people you already know. These “lookalikes” are, therefore, a good bet for growing your audience. To find new people who are interested in what you do, take a look at what you know about your current contacts. Are many of them around the same age? Do they live in a specific region? Do they respond consistently to a certain kind of content? You can use that data to find people who are similar.
  2. Use social media to engage audiences: Taking a fresh look at your social approaches and channels can help you generate relationships. People want to connect with brands they like on social media: 66% of consumers who use Facebook follow a brand on the platform1. Effective social media posts don’t require having a social media manager on staff. Anyone can create compelling posts by sharing expertise that matches their audience’s interests.
  3. Focus on quality: Quality content is essential for building an audience. It should be clear, concise, and informative.
  4. Create stronger connections with your customers: Find new ways to market to them with our suite of CRM tools1.

By applying what you know across channels and using a mix of strategies that evolve as you learn, you can find and grow your audience.

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